New Season 21/22 – Joining Instructions


Dear Parents/Carers/Members


As you are aware, this season will be managed somewhat differently to previous seasons due to COVID-19 safety requirements.To this end, LJBC coaches and club officers have been working hard all Summer to organise the new season to ensure the safety of all involved.


We ask that you please read this document carefully as it contains a number of significant changes and details to the way we must run the sessions to re-open the club safely and there are actions that you will need to take prior to your child attending the club.


Our website will also have all of this information on how to join the club and sessions, along with the membership form.


If you have any questions or need any clarification after reading these instructions, please email us at and one of the coaches or club officials will be in touch.


As you have indicated that your child(ren) will be joining us again in September 20, we have attached some joining instructions which will need to be followed to adhere to the COVID-19 safety guidelines, for not only the venue but also for how our training sessions will be run in the sports hall.


New Season Starts – Sunday 6th September 2020

As previously communicated to you, our club training mornings will now be split into two different sessions, as below:


Beginners/Intermediates – 10am-11.30am

This session will focus on the fun element of badminton and gives players a chance to try the sport and/or for players who are not quite ready for competition. It will concentrate on co-ordination and skills needed in badminton. The players will learn grips, technique, different shots, footwork, scoring and play lots of fun games.


Emerging/Advanced – 11.30am-1pm

This session is designed for emerging, intermediate to advanced players who are keen to challenge themselves and will cover all areas of badminton including movement, tactics, grip changing, shot practice and match play. The players in this session will also be eligible to represent the club in local league matches and tournaments. Not suitable for beginners to the game.


Membership Subscription Fees - 1st Half Subscription Due Now

1st Half of Season - Sep 2020-Dec 2020 - £72.50 *

2nd Half of Season - Jan 2021-Apr 2021 - £72.50 (subject to change depending on court costs)


This season’s subscription fees (£145.00 for the season) have been calculated taking into account the reduction in session time but also needing to ensure we cover our fixed costs which do not change, regardless of how long each training session is. Spread over 32 weekly training sessions, this works out to be very good value for money, at £4.53 per session.


* If you are an existing paid up member from last season, we can also pass on a one-off £25 per member discount for the 1st half subscription fee, to reflect the cancelled sessions due to the early finish of last season (including the discount = £47.50).  Please note, if you are a new member, the 1st half subscription fee due will be £72.50.


Paying Your Subscription


Please pay via bank transfer, using the bank details below:

Account Name:                    Lightwater Junior Badminton Club

Sort Code:                            20-16-99

Account No.:                        40588865

Payment Reference:           [Your Child’s Name]Subs


Please email your payment advice



Booking onto the Training Session

All clubs are now required to run a booking system so that we can track all attendees and manage numbers (our normal register will also be used at the training sessions).Once your subscription fee and membership form has been received, your child(ren) will be invited to join/book onto the appropriate session most suitable for them via an email link to the Playwaze App, which you will need to install on your phone or other suitable device.(Find the app via Android Google Play or Apple App Store). If you prefer, the link to register for a Playwaze account via the website is below.


Once you have created/registered for a Playwaze account, please follow the tutorial video below.

Entering the Lightwater Leisure Centre and the Sports Hall

  • Your child(ren) may only attend a training session if they have a confirmed booking.

  • Please do not attend the training session if you or any of your household start to feel unwell or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms.

  • Please note,if we have the maximum players booked on a particular session, therefore with no spare capacity, and a coach becomes unavailable for COVID reasons (self-isolation), LJBC may need to cancel at short notice.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the session start time.  Late arrivals will need to check in with Reception before being allowed entry. Late entry can only apply if a reasonable amount of session time remains.

  • Please arrive already changed into your kit and bring your own racket and drink – preferably identified with your name.  Please change into your playing shoes once in the hall, in your allocated kit location zone.

  • Parents must not enter the Leisure Centre* – you will need to drop your child(ren) off at the door where they will be met by one of our coaches/club officers.  They will then register their attendance and guide them to the appropriate court/coach via the designated route/door.

  • * In special circumstances where parents need to stay with their child(ren), please let us know so we can make arrangements to accommodate an extra person in the hall.

How the Training Session Will Run on Each Court

  • Your child(ren) will stay on the same court, with the same coach for the entire training session.

  • There will be a maximum of 5 players per court, with 1 coach.

  • Each player will be allocated their own space (zone) to place their belongings and to wait their turn.  Siblings will be able to sit in the same zone.

  • Players must not:
      Share equipment
      Move out of their zones to sit next to other players

      Move to another court
      Shake hands or 'high 5'

  • Your child(ren) will be asked to sanitise their hands at the beginning of the session and again afterwards, before leaving the court and following any visits to the toilet.

  • While on court, each player should stay socially distanced from the coach and other players as much as possible.

  • While waiting off court, each player will be asked to wait in their zone to the side of the court.

  • At the end of the session, your child(ren) will be asked to collect their belongings and leave the hall, court by court and one by one, as directed via the designated route/door.

  • A coach/club officer will be at the exit to ensure each child(ren) meets with their parents.

  • Parents should meet their child(ren) outside the Leisure Centre.

  • There should be no gatherings before or after the training sessions.

  • During the change-over between Session 1 and Session 2, the coach will disinfect any equipment used as necessary and swap the shuttles over to use a fresh supply.  Players must not take any used shuttles home with them.


Membership forms:

These can be found on the LJBC website by clicking here or available on club mornings from the beginning of the season.  These must be completed by hand and returned directly to David, John or Janette.



Pat & Dave Noble Tel: 01276 472925

John & Lesley Williams Tel: 01276 33062